can i claim a days pay due to train strikes?

    So I've had to take leave for the 30th may due to the strike! So I'm losing a days pay due to this.
    Can I claim a days pay from Northern Rail?
    If so how?

    I've already rang to enquire and the woman said it's not in their contract to do...that doesn't make sense.
    Loss of earnings due to non fault is a claim surely?
    I gotta travel from Littleborough in Rochdale to Chorlton cum-hardy.
    Can anyone help please?


    Nope. Under t&cs strikes don't count.

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    That's ridiculous!
    Surely theirs a loop hole.
    This has happened 3x but this is the first I'm bringing it up. I could lose my job if this continues.


    That's ridiculous! Surely theirs a loop hole.This has happened 3x but … That's ridiculous! Surely theirs a loop hole.This has happened 3x but this is the first I'm bringing it up. I could lose my job if this continues.

    Surely if this is the 3rd time you should have thought of making alternative travel arrangements, plenty of time to i would say.
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    There's no loophole. It is your responsibility to get to your place of work, not the train company's.

    Using a train is not part of your employment contract.
    There are several other methods to get to your destination.

    Thats like me saying "can i sue the person who caused the crash on the M1 causing it to shut for 6 hours"

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    Clearly non of you take trains.
    Thanks for the help

    as others have said. it's your responsibility to get to work. if no trains then buses, taxis, walking etc falls on you.

    people aren't being unsympathetic but nobody can tell you what you want to hear as it's not how it works.

    It's only about 30 miles, can't you drive? Seemingly you have a car.

    I'd suspect most people on here do take trains, but are able to adapt to the inevitability of strikes, train-line disruption etc.


    Clearly non of you take trains.Thanks for the help

    ​I totally understand your frustration. But can you not seek another mode of travel IE bus. Or can you not stay in a travel lodge or premier Inn the night before.

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    That's crazy I gota arrive at 8 am
    And to pay cc hotel prices to get in work?
    Buses are useless.
    I don't drive.

    Take it as annual leave

    As others have said Its Your Responsibility to get to and from Your place of employment.
    You have no case Here.
    My advice if You are worried about losing Your job is take a days holiday.

    Hey look, another troll living in fantasy land. So you don't drive now, or have you decided to dump the car and commute? But that's not possible as you've said this is the 3rd time this has happened.

    At least be a consistent WUM!

    It seems all you do is whinge when you do not like the answer, as in several of your previous posts, why do you even ask at all, I guess it is always everyone elses fault all the time?

    Take the day off and support the rail workers, instead of thinking of me me me, safety doesn't concern me. They are doing it for a reason so support them

    Me thinks You are after getting FREE MONEY oO
    Trying it on with the rail company .
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    Erm, yes you … Erm, yes you do!

    Omg that's brilliant detective work!


    Erm, yes you … Erm, yes you do!



    Erm, yes you … Erm, yes you do!

    The info in one of these threads is a lie

    I'm cringing for the OP X)

    Ignore them Op. Of course you can put a claim in. Make sure you use the phrases "I want" , "give me" and "because I'm special" a lot. Lay it on a bit thick...tell them you had to cancel two heart transplants (you're a surgeon) , or they had to cancel a space shuttle launch (you're an astronaut)... Oh, and don't forget to use a nice wax crayon and joined up writing!!

    Either that or grow up and take some responsibility for your own actions. You choose to take the train. There are breakdowns, accidents and industrial action that affect trains. Choose something else...a different job where you can walk to work ( you could try to sure the shoe manufacturer when a lace breaks - tell us on here, we could all do with a laugh), or another means of transport.
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    See if you can get a coach to work as they usually run extras during strikes


    Erm, yes you … Erm, yes you do!

    HAHAHAAA! Busted.
    Maybe the car is clapped out after so many accidents though.

    Switch your paper round to one that's nearer home ?

    you could have always got to work by using a car, bus, walk, hitch hike, fly, cycle, so why should the train company compensate you for taking the day off work? there is no promise from the train company to get anyone to work, that's your problem.

    I got an email of northern rail on the last strike saying they expected to run 40% of the services. A quick Google shows there are 48 scheduled services from littleborough to Manchester each day. If 40% of those run it should equate to at least one train an hour. Service to chorlton should be unaffected. I would think therefore there is a reasonable chance of getting to work. Let us know if you are successful OP. I'll be putting a massive claim to the government for living through the winter of discontent, three day week and miner's strike if you are

    OP has gone on strike X)

    If I were losing a days pay and my job was at risk I'd go into work and use the earned days pay for a taxi/bus/hotel/b&b. Either way you're out of pocket but keep your job. Long term win!
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