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Can I claim on my house and contents insurance for a new garage door?

Posted 10th Dec 2022
The garage door on my detached garage has seen better days, which means I can't store my car in it, and I'm fearful for all my tools etc too, can I claim on my home and contents insurance for a new door?
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    Before claiming, add up the excess, the loss of NCB and the extra premium you'll be paying for making a claim. Balance that against the cost of a new door, and see if it's even worth it.
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    insurance is to cover unlikely risks.
    the wear and tear on your garage door was not an unlikely risk - it was bound to happen - just a matter of when.
    unless of course someone has damaged it during say a robbery/ram-raid (edited)
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    No. Insurance covers for damage, not degradation due to age. Now if you were to accidentally reverse into it.....
    ...assuming there is accidental damage cover of course...
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    Insurance covers unexpected risks, such as fire, flood or burglary. It doesn't cover wear and tear which will be stated that in your policy wording.
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    Yes op and you can get them to put in new carpets and kitchens at the same time and even do your decorations:)
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    Nope, why would insurance cover for wear and tear?
    I understand that, it was more the security of the garage I was enquiring about with my power tools etc.
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    depends is your garage insured? because detached garages need additional insurance. 
    I'm with Admiral, where would this be on my policy, would it be under theft from garage?
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    I doubt they will cover that unfortunately unless you have some specific cover for wear and tear which is normally the insurance get out clause.
    Is wear and tear an option on insurance? I'm due to renew at end of this month, I'm with Admiral.
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