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Can I connect a washing machine and dishwasher to one pipe?

Posted 13th Jul 2014
Hi everyone.

I have a washing machine already plumbed in and would like to get a dishwasher too.
I am planning/hoping to put the dishwasher next to the sink where the existing pipes are and then the washing machine will have to be placed about 4 meters away. I would really appreciate some advice and if anyone would be kind enough to answer the following questions for me:

Please can someone tell me if this is possible?

Would it be a problem having the washing machine so far from the pipes or can I simply
buy longer hoses and run them under the kitchen cupboards?

Would I be able to use both machines at the same time or would I have to use them at different times?

Thanks in advance x
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I have a washing machine on one side of the sink and a dishwasher in the other. Both are plumbed in to the outlet pipe on the sink. I haven't had any problems running both at the same time.

My only worry in your situation would be the 4m run under the cabinets as it will need a slight downward run on it I think
Yes you could do it like you suggest and use both at the same time. The one negative doing it your way would be where the the waste would have to first go down and then up by routing it under the cupboards. This would mean that you would always have sitting water in the low part of the waste pipe. Can you not route it behind your cupboards? This would keep the height and be a shorter route.
As argoj says - the only problem would be that you'd have a fair bit of water standing in that length of pipe, which could get quite smelly. Best keeping it on a slope.

As for the connection - you just need one of these to connect in to the waste pipe under your sink...


The picture shows mine - sink drains from above, dishwasher drains through the grey pipe on the left and the washing machine drains through the grey pipe on the right. I use both machines at the same time with no problems.
It will all depend on your pipe work, we have a dishwasher and washing machine on the same pipe work and all seemed fine until the dishwasher and washing machine emptied at the same time, we ended up with our kitchen flooded. Since then I've changed the pipe work to avoid it happening again.
Thanks everyone, I think it would be possible to run the tubing round the back of the cupboards rather than underneath,
Am not sure about our pipe work, though, our house is about 7/8 years old - I don't know if that would mean that it's likely to have decent pipe work or a basic 'does the job' set up like everything else in new-builds!
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