can i connect and access an external hard drive to my wireless router?

Found 1st Jan 2009
Is it possible to connect the following western digital hard drive to my wireless router so i don't have to connect it directly to my laptop?…mtd

Any help would be much appreciated



no you would need a network harddrive

you can connect external drives to the home hub as network drives so it is possible, it does has to be fat formatted though and not NTFS

as baove, you will need a NAS harddrive....... you could, take the hd out of the case, buy a nas case (£30 ish ???) and then do it that way

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any help on a good choice? i will just be transfering my camcorder footage to it for safe keeping

or you could get one of these and hook up printers etc as well? ]Click

I have been looking at NAS, the ones I have found so far cost £40 upwards made by ICY BOX:…2_3

Any ideas of other manufacturers, or drives that include the hdd
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