Can i connect to monitor to my pc? (includs pic)

    So here is a picture of the back of my pc, the blue one is wht i connect my first monitor with but can i not connect a second one?


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    nope .... you could buy a cheap graphics card with a vga (blue) and dvi port on (white)

    It looks as though you only have one video output so you wouldn't be able to connect another monitor.
    Unless you bought (and had a free slot on your motherboard for) a dedicated graphics card which would allow you to connect another monitor, possibly two, depending on which one you bought.

    [Edit] Basically what fae said... lol

    a simple question what is a mointer?????????????

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    a simple question what is a mointer?????????????

    A simple question who are you?????????????


    Are you talking about the on-board vga :x and a serial port why not just buy a cheap graphics card for around a tenner of e-bay with 2 slots...
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