Can I do anything?

    Hi guys, looking for some advice here on a legal matter with
    Well basically last week in the early hours i placed an order for a very very good item and a fraction of the price it was going for via an amazon merchant, but it wasnt listed through 'new and used' instead it was their own page advertising the item. I couldnt believe it and had to snap it up right away. Immediately I took screenshots of everything in case they tried to fob me off.
    Next day I checked my order and it all seemed fine, the correct image was there, price i paid is there and same title is there and it says dispatching soon so im thinking great.
    Then the next day the title remains the same, the price remains the same but the picture is of a completely different item i click on the link and it directs me to this new item and says this is what ive purchased altho in my order history title it doesnt change. Anyway the next day i received the shipping email and It said they shipped what i brought but the link on recent orders still directs me to this new item even tho title is the name of the original item.

    Im due to receive this item tomorow and im dreading that they are going to send me what i didnt originally buy, does anyone know what I can do if this does happen? Sorry if this doesnt make sense, im very tired so any info provided will be helpful, thanks guys I just wanna be prepared incase they do send me what i didnt order


    . . . wait till tomorrow and then find out . . .

    Nope.........nothing you can do if it's a Amazon Marketplace Seller other than get a refund.

    Just send it back under DSR if you dont want it.

    wat was it ?

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    Surely under Amazon rules, your not allowed to advertise something and then switch the product once you sell it? then ship the item under what you advertised in the first place only to give the customer a product they did not buy. That cant be allowed, can it??

    one of those internet anomalies I think unfortunately, learn that if its too good to be true, it probably is, and be grateful to get your money back!

    You spelt Yes wrong dcx_badass, it doesnt have a full stop in it X)

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    it wasnt as minor as a spelling mistake The whole page was that of another item, down to reviews, product information, related purchases, what others have been buying with percentage of how many people brought them. The whole page was exactly the same as that of amazon so it wasnt a minor mistake, ive got screen shots of it and the only difference is the price.
    Well im gonna find out whats happened after work when I get home if the post has been delivered n if they have sent me something stupid then im gonna kick up a fuss cos im sure no way in hell your allowed to change your product link just like that.
    Itll be like Play changing The gladiator blu ray to a sock n sending u a sock, surely not allowed to be done! But that is what I think may have happened, obviously I hope that theyve honoured it but its a slim chance

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    Yes sir you are indeed correct. Well ive contacted them about it and now just gotta wait for a response but im not holding out any hope

    You should have really posted this after you got the item and see what they have sent you.

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    Well turns out I was correct and just wanted to be prepared
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