Can I do anything with an old router ??

Found 21st Aug 2017
2769771-nKfeY.jpgCan I use this to extend my Wi-Fi or anything ? or should I just chuck it !
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Depends on specs as some routers don't support wifi-n and that standard even at 2.4GHz is better than the older wifi g standard at 2.4GHz.
Check out…ac/
Should be able to go into the admin panel and switch it to access point or repeater mode which would let you extend your wifi.
What model is it?
The other way to get access point mode, is to turn off DHCP, firewall etc., then assign it a fixed address in the range of the primary router, then connect it LAN port to LAN port (may need a crossover cable if it doesn't do auto-xover) - exact method varies by model, but is the standard kludge for getting AP mode out of routers that don't have it as an option
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