Can i downlod today xbox 360 system update to usb stick?

    Just wondering if i can download today's system update to memory stick and then install to my xbox?

    Also if so does anyone have link to the download.



    Not likely. It may be there later or in a few weeks but they don't like making these things available via normal methods

    What does the new update achieve?

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    What does the new update achieve?

    lets you install games, demos etc to usb stick up to a max of 32gb (2x16gb sticks)

    It don't work with an N95 (In usb data tx mode) (not sure about N95 8gb (It needs chargn) + you need to format with 360 for it to work (so did not want to take chance and destroy current file system

    Some flash pens will give a warning about them not being fast enough. The cheap 2gb Aria usb pen did all the other ones I have will not and even a 4gb transflash in sdhc reader passes

    Just to let the OP know, you can get this update from 'various' sources now and install via a USB :whistling:

    Can save to HDD again, woo.

    Can i downlod today xbox 360 system update to usb stick?

    lol: Instead of whistling why not just provide the link ?

    just log in to xbox live and get update


    just log in to xbox live and get update

    I'm guessing he can't go on live

    just google

    $SystemUpdate_9199 download whola

    I got mine from here ]http//d0…rar extracted to usb and updated fine.

    ^ & just hope no one has messed on with them.

    I would only be doing this from an official link myself

    7.53meg ext* 7.63meg (so you will still need to download the other bit via xbox live) surely


    Official link: … Official link:

    :thumbsup: Op will be pleased. Although they will still have to pass Validation :lol….7z

    for those that maybe cannot pass validation. I can guarantee the files have not been messed on with as I dl/ 7zipped uploaded this myself.

    pass for file is m$360
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