Can I fix my router or do I need to buy a new one? :(

    I have a Pro Nets DSL/ Cable router and after a power cut it stopped working. I have tried turning it and the modem off, resetting them both, doing one at a time, every combination possible! The router came from Maplin and did not have any software so I don't know how to find any info there might be about it on my PC. Also, have lost the instructions that came with it and can't find them on the internet. It is all wired up with cables and I am with Virgin if that makes a difference.
    I don't mind buying a new one but don't want to buy one every time there's a power cut.


    Mine done this two weeks ago, also after a power cut strangely, so i switched it off overnight and rolled my laptop to my last restore point and it worked then.

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    Thanks, tried that too but didn't work. Oh well, looks like I need a new one :roll:


    How are you online now if your router isn't working? (Just out of interest)

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    Black magic!:-D Not really, I'm plugged directly into the modem.

    Any lights on the router? - might be the power supply if not

    Have you tried to Login to the router to check the settings ?

    The IP address, username & password for it may be printed on the bottom of the Router.

    If not ......then if ur lucky & all their routers are default then it may be (which is the default of their newesr router) :

    IP :
    username: admin
    password : 1234
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