can i freeze broccoli without blanching

    think its called blanching - lol


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    nah just got some coming and kids arent keen on it but will eat a little, but it doesnt keep, suppose i could try and make a broccoli summat with it

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    Cheese and broccoli pasta is nice, basic cheese sauce mixed with the … Cheese and broccoli pasta is nice, basic cheese sauce mixed with the broccoli, mixed with pasta, always a hit in my house,lol. One of the first solid foods I got my youngest daughter on to.

    broccoli and pasta, errmmmm not sure on that one

    when blanching would you do it in florets or whole?


    when blanching would you do it in florets or whole?

    florets then its easier to use bits at a time out the freezer

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    thanks both, if i dont come up with any ideas will blanch and freeze


    don't forget to dunk in cold water after boiling…oli
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    Heat a bit of sesame oil in a wok or frying pan at hight heat, throw in some finely chopped garlic (fresh) and chopped red chilli (fresh), after one minute, add some brocoli... keep on high heat (stirring every 20 seconds), add a little soy sauce & fish sauce if you have that also, & toss in a handful of Sesame seeds - continue to fry, until the broccoli is how you like it.. crisp or soft.

    If you like things hot, add a hotter variety of chilli,

    Goes well with any chinese dish, or add to a roast or evening mean for broccoli with a difference!

    I would love to see a whole broccoli blanched


    Broccoli soup is really nice,
    Cauliflower too surprisingly.


    I would love to see a whole broccoli blanched

    Sancho, I think that things have got to you!!

    Re your original q sassie - yes, you can freeze pretty much anything. There is a whole lot of bizarre stuff talked about freezing, blanching, thawing etc . Wash in tap water, shake off excess water, freeze the florets in freezer bags. You can blanche if you want but it really isn't necessary unless you think your broccoli is crawling with caterpillars or whatever.

    If you cut a couple of notches into the bottom of the stalk, you can place it in a mug or jug of water, and place the jug and broccoli into a fridge. You will see the broccoli drink the water slowly over the next two weeks, so replace the water. But the broccoli will 'grow' in the jug. Not bigger, but harder and fresher tasting. Proper crunchy raw from the fridge. Will not go off for about a month. Carrots can keep in a Tupperware tub of water for weeks too, always crunchy straight from the fridge. I chop the carrots up into chunks, batons, whatever first before storing them in water. U can put a lid in the carrot tub too.

    Cauliflower + Mix (can't remember what it is, it's middle eastern anyway), fry it up, omg, one of the best tastes ever.
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