Can i get a better sky deal than this ?

Posted 9th Jun 2020
is there any decent cashback i want just sky tv on its own so long as stuff is hd and netflix as ive just invested in a oled telly so want the best picture i can get (and best price of course)3481712-oRDTU.jpg
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Remember to be invited by a friend/family member and you both get £75 card I think.

If you have a 4k TV then you want to go for UHD box. I am sure you will get it for < £30 all in if you go to online chat or ring them
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Be careful because my experience with sky ( be it many many years ago) they will often increase the price more than once a year, altho it says £25 a month for 18 months, i believe they will put the price up when they wish as i see that's what the small print says.. hence why i dont have and won't bother with sky now.
Ive often contacted them about getting such an offer but they will never commit to saying the price will not increase before the 18 months.
was wondering if there was a person that people new who can get decent deals, sometimes you get a email from someone off virgin then they ring you an offer cracking rubbish round here though
I got letter this morning offering Sky TV for £13 and Ultimate for £6 more.
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