Can I get a Iphone 4s unlocked (its on vodaphone)?

    As topic says, someone told me you cant??


    Is it contract or pay as you go? If it's contract, only the Origonal contract owner can unlock it. If it's pay as you go, go in store and they can unlock. There is a charge forgot how much when I did it.

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    Thank you..its pay as you go....

    Unlocked or unblocked?

    Unlocked to use with another provider then yes, easy

    I recently unlocked a iPhone that was on Vodafone. The cost is £20. All I did was got a pay as you go Sim and stuck £20 on it, then went on Vodafone website and filled in a unlock form. Took a couple of days. Then all you do is connect your iPhone to itunes and it will now be unlocked after a update.

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    thanks everyone
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