Can I get a refund on eBay's Global shipping program's import charge?

Found 27th Apr 2014
I recently bought a Vinyl record from the US on ebay. The item ad only showed $18 for shipping. Upon payment an extra $12 for Import was charged. I've asked on numerous occasions what percentage the ebay program uses as I feel the import charge was harsh.
Can anyone offer some advice, or past experience with ebay import charges?
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How much was the record? Anything over £15 then vat is added to the total including postage and the post office will charge a fee too.
The global shipping program is not confined to ebay. I personally don't mind paying the Import charge, however I do object to the admin charged by some couriers, it is extortion. I can't remember if it was UPS or DHL that charged over £100 admin fee on a £30 item from America.
The vinyl was $30, so £17. Wow, I'll be hugely disappointed if PO charge ontop of this as well!
That admin fee is obscene. I didn't know import charges were such a blind dive.
Yep, customs (a %age determined by the nature of the item), the admin fee, and vat on the total. It really adds up
Wow, so it really does add up. Good thing I was desperate for this record store day release! If Royal Mail do charge anything, I should surely have an argument on my side?
Five years ago I bought a jacket from a seller in NY, using christmas money from my mum. I received a letter from Customs four MONTHS later in April, telling me to pay £12 customs charge and a £25 "holding fee" for royal mail!!!! They held the feckin thing for four months without telling me. The thing cost me twice what it would have. Hard lesson learned, ugh. And the weather was too hot to wear it by then.
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