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Ok, so I am sending this via my phone. I bought a keyboard from currys in September. Faults have started to develope, the @ key doesnt work and this morning pressing certain keys enters the characters twice, so I cant login to my pc. Can I demand a replacement from the same shop? P.s the back of te reciept says something about replacements within 28 days. Thanks

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turn it upside down and shake all the crumbs and dandruff from it.
have you spilt anything on it? is it wireless? maybe new batteries will help.

your warranty will probably be about a year, depending on manufacturer.

Have you tried it on another pc so that if you take it to a store & they test it, they will find the same issue?
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Doeant work, its wired and still like new jusr a bit of dust.

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Just plugged it into my xbox, still doesnt work
When you press A it enters both F and A at the same time.

Wouldn't the SOGA work here? It's developed a fault under 6 months so they'd have to replace?

Indeed it would;…tml

I'd take it in with proof of purchase & ask for a replacement & if they refuse, then its SOGA time.

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Get all SOGA on their ass!
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