Can i get cable TV?

    Hello i am thinking about ordering virgin for my room but i know i am able to receive it in the area but what connections do i need on my TV? also i have no outdoor aerial connected in my room so van i still get cable?


    They will give you an stb (set top box) which receives a signal though the cable. You need an rf or scart socket on your television (all have one or the other or both) No ariel is needed.

    So, yes, you can.

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    So what exactly plugs into my tv and the box? are you saying i should have a coax cable in my room?

    the coax (from outside) will plug into the set top box they will supply, you connect either a scart or rf lead from this box to your television set.

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    Ah i get you thanks dont suppose theres any offers on at the mo as i can only see XL package for 20.50 which is still good for me.

    Have a look around mate there always seems to be an offer on it's well worth the money aswell imo. I much prefer cable to sky.

    If you only want the TV then when your about to join up, ask if they can beat skys price, if they say no. Say your gunna go with sky then. If they dont offer you a deal, phone back later and try again. If they still dont offer you a deal, just go with them anyway.



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    Whats skys price

    They lay a coax from the CATV duct just outside your house up to a grey box which they screw outside the house, from there they'll drill into the room the tv is going into and connect up the cable tv box inside.

    It'll come with a scart cable.

    Compare for yourself:…ytv

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    Thanks everyone
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