Can I get free Sky broadband as an existing customer?

I have had Sky for a long time and have the full package. I was just wondering if broadband is included as I've seen a few adverts recently where it seems like it's all inclusive.


It is 'free' if you take Sky Talk with it, otherwise its £5/month.

See ]http//ww…and for more details.

Sky Talk is £11/month see ]http//ww…alk

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It is 'free' if you take Sky Talk with it, otherwise its £5/month.See … It is 'free' if you take Sky Talk with it, otherwise its £5/month.See ] for more details.Sky Talk is £11/month see ]

As above.

The two meg service is free.

Reading the website it seems that if you're an existing Sky TV subscriber and you want the broadband and phone it's a £60 one off set up fee, however if you're a new customer taking the Sky TV package as well it's free!!

Where's the justice in that?

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Unfortunately that's just what Sky are like. I remember trying to get Sky + for free seen as new customers were getting it. It didn't matter that we had been paying for a full subscription for well over 10 years.


They are doing an offer on their max upgrade broadband atm, £10 per month if taken with sky talk for up to 20meg speed.

If you go via quidco you get £25 cash back too :thumbsup:
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