Can I Get Out Of Orange Contract?

    i have seen many mobile networks increasing prices, and people being able to get out of there contracts due to this,

    from the 1st of november, orange are increasing there MMS price from 25P to 30P

    i send a few mms, can i get out of my contract.. if so, can someone help me




    not sure if you will be able to leave because of the mms changes.

    "If you wish to terminate your contract with Orange early, and without penalty, on the basis that you have not been given the notice of the contract variation, you are advised to write to Orange customer services, as their disconnections department will not deal with this type of query."

    I'd be interested if anyone can give me solid information.

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    i got a text message today, from orange, would that mean i cannot get out of it, as when i signed up they sed if the charges increase you can get out of it?

    im not sure dude, like the other fella said, best wait for someone who deffo knows.

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    well i know when orange started charging 5p more for calling 07770 numbers lots of people got it canceled, anyways, if anyone knows drop me an email!

    Danielclo1il (AT) GMail (DOT) com


    I think the rule is that you have to adversely affected by at least 10%, this was the amount quoted from Otelo when we were all looking at cancelling three contracts. People were able to get out if they were affected by the call charge changes but if you were only affected by the itemised billing charge then it wasnt eligible as it was below the 10% threshold. If you send loads of MMS then its possible that this would adversly affect you by more than 10% but if you only send an occassional MMs then I would think its unlikely.

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    ive sent like 25 in the past few months

    Have a look at Otelo website there may be some useful info there.

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    cannot find out

    if anyone can help please do
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