Can I get toilet papers any cheaper then 6 for 2 @Aldi ?

Found 29th Nov 2017
I always get toilet papers from ALDI for £2 for 6 rolls, they are not the softest but work...

I know poundland and that do 4 for £1 but they don't have as much sheets in them.

Is there any cheaper deals going on ?
Thanks in advance
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They sell, 4 for about £1.59, it's a lot softer than the 6 you get
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Poundstreacher do two 18 packs for £5. Never had problem or poo fingers
Asda Shades £8 for 24. Soft and the best!
there are packs of 18 for about £3 in B&M

dont know the make
B&M do an 18 pack for £2.99

Been using it for years.
deleted164339529th Nov 2017

B&M do an 18 pack for £2.99Been using it for years.

Blimey, they must be bloody long rolls if they've lasted years?
Wilko have 9 for £2.25 on offer or luxury quilted 9 for £3.50 and more on sale
Home bargains, nicky toilet rolls 9 rolls for £2 and they are 3 ply so very soft.
cushelle 9 rolls 2.70 with nus extra card in co-op always seem to be on offer and 5% back on your co-op card
Wiping your backside is becoming more expensive.
Farmfoods are doing 3 packs of 18 for £10. Not a big brand but three ply I believ
Normally go for Nicky elite 18 rolls for ~£4
I recommend Nicky too - the 3 ply version.
£3.95 or £3.99 for 18 rolls or 3 x packs for £10 at Farmfoods.
I get vouchers through the door for 10% of spends of £25, £50, etc
It's as good if not better than many premium brands.
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Wilko - Regina Impressions. 9 pack half price at the moment, £2.25
Buy something cheap from B&Q and then return it for a refund. You'll get 2 really long receipts, enough till roll to last you a week's worth of number two's for free
Nicky 3ply are very good . 18 roll for £3.99
Farmfoods are not doing 3 fir £10 last time I checked 3 weeks ago .
It’s 3 for £10 on duck so soft roll only
I find that Nicky can block yet loo
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