Can i have a cash isa and a share protected isa?


    Can i have a cash isa and a share protected isa?



    As I understand the system you can only have one of any type. You'd soon find out, you have to supply your NI number when you sign up. I'm sure something would flag up if you tried to open too many. . .

    Not sure if it's the same thing but I have a cash isa and isa investor in halifax but you must not put more than £7,200 for both accounts.

    As above, I think you can have a cash ISA and an investment ISA. But the total in both can not exceed £7,200.

    That's £7200 per year. If you start of with £7200 or less, you can add more the following tax year and so on.

    You can have a Cash ISA and a Stocks and Shares ISA in the same tax year and have a different provider for each

    Maximum overall contribution this tax year is £7200 with Cash having maximum of £3600 - so if you for example put £2k in cash you can put £5200 in S&S ISA, or if you put £3600 in S&S ISA you can then put the maximum £3600 in cash

    Limits go up next tax year to £10,200 split £5,100 to cash and £5,100 to S&S (unless you're over 50 when it goes up 06/10/09)

    So yes to your question!!!

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    cheers guys
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