Found 19th Sep 2008
about 12 of us are wanting to birming ham next week, train tickets are £75 return which is to much, ive got a full uk driving licence and am insured, but am i allowed to hire a minibus or are there certain requirements?? thanks for any help.

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I think you have to be 18

i think you are fine as regards your lisence but i don't you would be allowed to hire one as companies require you to be over 21 for their insurance. im not 100% though:)

I think you need to be 25

You have to be over 21 and have held your license for over 3 years to drive a vehicle that can carry more than 8 passengers

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ahhh lame, ow well, thanks for the help

And this applies;

Drivers who obtained their full driving licence after 1 January 1997 are … Drivers who obtained their full driving licence after 1 January 1997 are only licensed to drive a vehicle with up to 8 seats (in addition to the driver). To drive a minibus with up to 16 seatssuch drivers would need to gain category D1 or D entitlement on their licence by passing theappropriate test

do you know what the appropriate tests are?

If you read on it says you can drive if not for hire or reward, but still have to be 21 and held the licence for three years, If you are not using for your own or charitable use you need a PSV.

hire it on another name?


hire 2 - lol

take 2 7 seaters?
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