Can I install 2 graphics cards in my machine?? (Not-SLI)

    I have come across a load pf graphics cards (PCI-E) and currently have a Radeon X1950 Pro in my PCI-E x 16. Some of these are gonna go on fleabay but wondering if I can make use of any of them as well as my X1950 in the PCI-E x 1 slot as I run dual monitors (1 x HD-TV)???

    Any advice would be appreciated


    Does the X1950 not have two output sockets anyway?

    PCI-E 1x slot is physically a different size to a PCI-E 16x one but if one of those graphics cards is a 1x one then it should run fine on windows XP. I've heard vista doesn't like two graphic card drivers though so unless the second one is another ATI chip you may have problems.

    we need a lot more info, make of motherboard, types of slots available etc but in reality why would u want to?
    the ati is crossfire (aka xfire) compatible and should run with any other xfire card that has the same "bridge"
    it was the first card to have the xfire co-pro onchip i think, so can act as a xfire master
    perhaps u should just sell them and buy a matrox triple head to go?
    any bargains goin?

    An x1950 pro should have dual dvi outputs anyway, or at least dvi and vga. Just connect these to different monitors and you're good to go.

    Yea i have an X1950Pro in mine
    Yours should have 2 connectors on it, even old cards generally have 2.
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