Can I invest in my unemployed spouse name?

Found 3rd Feb 2018
As in title. My wife has never been working before. Can I invest in her name to get some tax benefits - i.e, Help to buy ISA, Bank savings account etc.?
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In basic principle, Yes. A gift between spouses is free of tax. But it is now your spouses money and you are wandering into technically exacting areas. The tax man can set transactions aside if it looks suspect and you come to their attention. Keep the records.
yes, if you can trust her to give the money back. lol
Yes. Also you are allowed to contribute £3600 into a personal pension for your spouse of which you will get 20% tax relief.

Don’t forget to claim marriage allowance if you are earning below £45K.
I'm sure this question is answered in The Shawshank Redemption
Pretty sure the Martin Lewis advice has always been that both partners should do the help to buy ISA, as the buildup is rather limited - there is another thing, the Lifetime ISA, with different rules (age 18-39, must be held for a year, but has higher limits).

If you are both 1st time buyers, then doubling up is a good idea to make the most of the 25% bonus when used as a deposit - & the better the deposit, the better the LTV and the better the rates.
Thank you all.. highly appreciated..
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