can i just use pne washing capsule ?

    This sounds a silly question .... When washing capsules say to use two capsules for bigger loads can I just use the one and will it clean just as well ?Obviously using two per wash is doubling the cost and l don't think it makes any difference when it all come out . I think it's said to just get you using more tbh.
    Anyone do large washes on one capsule and get on fine ?
    Yes I am probably mad before you ask .


    Not that I have any experience, but I'm sure there is no harm in trying.
    See what you think when trying one compared to two. If it has some the job just as well, then that's your answer.

    I've only ever used one at a time. I guess it partly depends on what you're trying to clean off. Most of the time clothes are only 'dirty' because they've been worn, not because they have any hard to remove stain on them.

    I usually only use the 1 capsule (and mine say 2 for a bigger load ) but last night ds was sick and had bedding to wash and 2 teddies. As was quite messy I used 2 capsules, the washing machine was only half full and I did put it all on a long hot wash. When I got it out of the machine one capsule had only half melted and left blue all over the washing so had to wash again. so in my opinion only use the 1 capsule

    It's all a big con to get us to use more then needed . Do you notice how most liquid detergents never have a measuring cup .One is plenty and my clothes are clean and smell nice .
    I stupidly used to follow their "dosage" !

    Liquid detergent clog your washing machines and waste pipes up.!.


    Liquid detergent clog your washing machines and waste pipes up.!.

    Correct, and don't clean as well as powder and costs far more too

    Stopped using capsules after they did not melt properly and eventually blocked my drain pipes. Had to use rods to poke the half melted capsules out. Do not know why they are sold.
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