Can I leave mobile contract early if..

i have had 3 faulty handsets seem to remember a mate a few years ago who got out of his contract for this i have had 3 faulty n95's from o2?


The contract and handset are two different entities.

I advise you speak to C.A.B to find out what your rights are.

I had something similar on T-Mobile, my N95 had very buggy software so I sent it off, the replacement seemed buggy and 'bricked' when I updated the software so I sent it off. It then developed more bugs (and showed the old ones too) so I went to T-Mobile and they said all they could do was send it off again and after that I could try writing a letter (I didn't want a Nokia anymore by then). It came back and I put it straight on eBay and bought a sony ericsson.

Any way although they are very closely linked your airtime contract and contract of sale for the handset are seperate entities, even though the shops seem to not fully understand this (whenever I said contract they thought I meant airtime rather than the faulty phone).

You should try asking for a different similar (or lower) spec phone instead.

I've had faulty phones before from O2 and they said their policy was toi fix it 3 times then just give you a new 1

My N95 has been back to O2 3 times now.

1st time - Developed software problem - wouldnt turn on

2nd time - Vibrating hardware failed - got new N95

3rd time - Developed same software problem as 1st phone

Still in the shop getting sorted now

I asked about swapping handsets & they said no, i want an N81
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