Can I lower Three tariff amount? PAYM

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Found 18th Dec 2016
I signed up to a 30GB THREE pay monthly contract in october 2016. Just wondering if i can lower my tariff amount? Ive not been using much of that 30GB data since I got it even though I use the phone alot. Its a 24mo contract.



i always go for cheapest one,only then i increase it if needed.this way i can go back any time i want.keep in mind this.

i dont think you will be able to lower it as you sign for this.its up to three really,sorry

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dam thats a good idea. Wish id of done that

They won't let you lower it, I tried to downgrade mine, I am on the unlimited and tried to to it but they told me minimum 12 months till I can downgrade, this was a couple of weeks ago

As it's a 24mth contract then I assume it came with a phone...phones aren't free.....the cost of the phone is being paid for by your monthly contract payment, if they were to lower the monthly payment then they would lose money on the handset

I've just joined them on that 30gb a month deal they have now, the signal is terrible its either 1 or 0 bars at home. GiffGaff I had full strength, going to cancel toda really annoyed

Is it a sim only contract?

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its a 30gb plan with a galaxy s7 for 43 quid a month

Nope, your lumbered with it as your paying for the phone as well over 24 months,

Next time look at sim only on a 12 month or 30 day contract.
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