can I make my Samsung CLP-315 laser printer wireless

Found 24th Aug 2014
Save moving printer about the house, is it possible to make the printer wireless and what kind of cost am I looking at?

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is it a network printer? if so just get two powerline adapters and run it to router total cost bout 15 quid. if not would need to get some more stuff also how old is it? is it worth looking for wireless printer and upgrade?
Not a network printer, we have had it for about 3 years.
Got a great deal when we bought it and still have lots of spare toners, so want to keep this if at all possible.
CLP-315 Documentation

Although I cannot get my head around their instruction manuals. It clearly states in the above documentation - if your model ends with W you can network it - if it ends with N then wired LAN (local area network) is possible. If just CLP-315 then no.

I came back to make it simpler

If CLP - 315 - no
If CLP - 315N - cabled
If CLP - 315W - wifi
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have you got a NAS with USB to host as a print server?

Otherwise a Router with USB? failing that you could try looking at cheap print servers (USB to Net).
Hi Guys,


Looking like a no then.. philiphil61

Mole007 NAS?

Raspberry Pi and CUPS print server or a Windows PC that shares the printer through Samba.

I use a Asus RT-AC66u which acts as a print server at the moment
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Thanks muzzzzzzzzzy,
Looking like it's going to cheaper to buy a wireless ready printer..

Thanks for your help, that looks really complicated
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