Can I melt down and reuse half finished candles?

    We burn a lot of candles, and when they are finished we're often left with part of the candle left, unburnt.

    This could be some wax in a jar, or part of a pillar candle .

    I've thought for some while that I could melt this wasted wax down and make some new candles.

    Is this viable and would it be cost effective. What would I need to do this? Any recommendations would be welcome.


    Just melt the excess in the microwave ( place in a jar , used Yankee jar ) and add a wick .

    Boil the kettle and pour the hot water into the jar then leave to cool, it will separate the candle remains from the jar. Just scoop up the remains and let it dry and then burn it like a wax tart.

    Also turn your jar candles upside down for a while before burning them for the 1st time as it lets the oils containing the fragrance run to the top of the candle.

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    Thanks for the replies. Seems much easier than I thought for some reason. I'll go and grab some wicks from eBay and see how it goes.
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