Can I order online only products in store at Argos?

Found 8th Dec 2008
i've got some Argos gift vouchers, and wonder if i can go into an Argos store and order a dishwasher (online only product) from the store, for delivery, thus using my vouchers?

Anyone know?

rep for the help!
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i would assume online only gives it away dude, but couldnt be 100% sure
well i thought that, but the reason it's online only is because they don't stock the items. would be silly if they didn't take the orders in shops too, but don't know lol
i went in the other day and i couldn't find somthing in the catologue, they took me to a pc and found the item online, then i paid and collected it instore, so in my experience you can.
Ah, but a dishwasher is a big product to collect in store... i wonder if they'll home deliver too, or am I pushing it hehe!!

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You can place orders for any items that you see online instore at argos. Even if they say 'online only' you can order the item instore for home delivery. :thumbsup:
Brilliant news Bryan, thanks!!

I will do so tomorrow, and use my vouchers while I'm at it!

Probably shouldn't have just got an online voucher code hehe.
yer you an defo order them instore and they discuss delivery date etc with you.
fantastic thanks. rep added!
u can go into store and order anything whether its home delivery only or not. u obviously cant use online codes or anything, but some people still come in and ask that

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