Can I pay a 12/24 month car lease in full, up front?

    I am very interested in taking out a ~£130pm lease which are frequently posted here. The problem is I am a PhD student earning a tax free stipend, so I believe I will not be approved for any kind of finance regardless of how my stipend compares to the earning requirement for finance approval.
    I am wondering if I would be able to pay the full amount upfront to avoid requiring finance - it makes little difference to me vs paying monthly.

    Thanks for any advice, ps I.m not interested in discussing lease vs ownership in this thread.


    I don't think you can, its like asking to pay for a phone contract in full.

    I'm guessing not, and that's only a guess, but I'd think they would still want to credit check you, as you would be taking away say a 20000 pound car but only giving them 5000 for it, so in affect its still a loan

    car loans are comparatively easier to get than loans or big credit cards as they are classed as secured loans and HP is also more difficult to get than lease, I was approved for a 36000 loan on a used HP at car giant back in day so never hurt on trying. plus income is income doesn't matter taxable, stipend or benefit money if its a regular source of income u r likely to get approved

    the only reason could be if y not living in UK for minimum 3 years and lying won't help either as with ur first bank account they can check when did u exactly appear on credit files


    yes you can pay it all upfront but you will still have to sign the finance agreement to cover your liability on excess mileage & damage.
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