can i pick stuff up before 4pm at argos ?

Posted 24th Dec 2015
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says from 4pm on here
think it depends. I have had them earlier than stated. I think they get one from another store to cover stock.
I don't think it matters, there so disorganised you'll most probably have to wait for them to pick it either before or after 4pm, so many complaints about argos at the moment, personally I would go earlier as surely all there delivery's were before the shop opened?
I waited until 4pm to collect. When I got there the lorry had only just arrived. Had to wait for it to be unloaded for my order.
Think it's just a matter of luck.
Well, no. I doubt it.
Can you get to a Tesco? - they have the same package for £15 at the moment and the bigger stores have them instore with no ordering necessary.
Chances are it won't be in after 4pm. But if you receive a text saying it's ready then yes you can.
Just ring the store and ask if they've had the delivery.
Have you tried other stores nearby? Sometimes they have them for immediate collection. Or try the supermarkets.
@Nikkisun says Tesco, its a good call
thanks everyone........i already paid for it, they said i can only pick up after 4.......damn, so took taking a detour an watching star wars
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