Can i pick your brain for a minute?

Im wanting to sell my Wii + Wii Fit bundle..but unsure of what its worth.

Bundle Includes
Wii Console
Wii Fit Board
2 x Wii Remotes
1 x Nunchuck

7 Games
Mario Kart including Wheel + Extra Glow Wheel
Wii Sports
Wii Fit
Samba de Amigo
Trauma Centre - New Blood
Face Breaker

ive only used it a handful of times.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks



Thats a difficult one, I would check the going rate on ebay, might be worth splitting up to sell separately to maximise price potential (keeps wii sports with the wii and 1 controller) hope this helps...


The Wii is rubbish

Where did that come from? :thinking:

£220 - 260 for the lot depending on your luck on FleaBay I would reckon. I would be interested in MarioKart and Wii Fit if you are splitting tho.
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