Can I port my number to my wife's new mobile contract?

Found 28th Mar 2015
I was declined a new EE contract but the wife was accepted and took it out on my behalf with me paying it regardless. Can she use my pac code from 3 to put that on what is her contract effectively? Or will they check the pac is for a different name other than my wife's?
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Hey yes you can just call 150 from your new ee phone and give them the PAC code it does not matter that original 3 contract was in your name, also whilst on the phone to customer service ask your wife to ask them to set you up as an authorised user of the phone so in future you can contact them if there is any issues. Hope that helps
Many thanks will do that. Eventually I'll get it transfered to me (if I pass the credit check) and get the DD changed to my bank sooner.
You can change the direct debit to your account as soon as you are added to the account, or even before. Just ask your wife to request the change of bank details. You won't be able to transfer the contract though, that will remain in her name until it ends.
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