Can I port number from Sky Talk to Virgin Media and vice versa?

Found 19th May 2010
I am thinking of changing to VM from sky and have seen a great cashback deal of £165 from simplifydigital (never heard of them but mentioned on that bloke martin's money website)
I would want to keep my phone number and it looks like its possible to go to VM but if i want to change back after my contract is over can i port it back to sky or bt?
Virgin use cable so the line is no longer with BT would this mean i have to pay a hefty reconnection fee and would they let me keep my number?
Also does anyone know how much VM charge for extra set top boxes, does it work like sky multiroom?
thanks in advance
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you don't have to pay any one off costs for a normal box but it costs a extra £10 a month, for the HD box it's £49 for the box and £5.50 extra a month, so its like sky multiroom. You could always try and ring retentions and ask if they could lower the price for the extra box.

Sorry I don't know the answer about the number porting.


I found this which may help…790

also it seems like you need sky tv if you want to take the phone package if you haven't already got sky.
thanks lilraul
the digitalspy link is a little too vague on the number porting - i really need to get a definite answer on this before i make my move.
you could always ring sky just to confirm, I'm sure they have had to deal with this query before.…tml
I ported my number from VM to BT. It is possible. At least for me the transfer process was painful and lengthy because BT did not raise proper request to VM for the number transfer.

As for the period of contract with VM, the BT number would be disconnected, there would not be any dial tone in the line. This means you would need to pay £125 for reconnection to BT when you transfer back from VM to BT.

I personally took advantage of the 18 month contract with BT where in the setup fees was waived. Thanks to the nice people on this website.

Hope this helps.
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