Can I port/move my o2 Number? (Desperate)

Found 24th May 2007
Here's the situation:

I have an o2 12 months contract, that ends 19.06.2007 and I really want to keep my number. The problem is I want to take a new o2 contract (from, which makes porting impossible.

O2 Customer Support said: I can't port/move my number from one to another o2 contract. I can only upgrade.

Also one guy said I port/move the number temporarily to a PAYG phone and then to the new contract. The next guy I spoke with said there's not enough time for that, cause it takes like 2 weeks for each porting/moving.

Any ideas what can I do?

Btw I have another 2 months old o2 contract and it will be really, really nice If I can move the number there, but I don't think it's posisible, isn't it?
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What i know for sure is you can't port on the same network as i tried this with Vodafone & 02 and was told this.The rest i am not sure but it does take a few days to port your number as i have ported mine now about 3 times and it ranged from 7/14 days
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