Can I put a 8ft paddling pool on a newly paved area?

Found 12th Jun 2014
Is it ok to put these on slabbed areas at all? What if the pool suddenly fails causing it to flood the area?

It is the only level part of our garden....
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I would never recommend putting pools on paving it will be very hard at the bottom and more chance of it or someone getting hurt and on top of new paving wouldn't be good as the pavin could start to lift
I've used my 8ft one on patio several times. I just put down a caravan awning ground sheet folded a few times so it felt padded. Piped it up the hose to the hot tap and it was like like a hot tub without bubbles! I gave over using it on the grass as it kills it after a couple of days. It's never leaked or felt uncomfortable although I was careful to check patio was swept clear first.
I've put a paddling pool on patio , put a rug underneath first , it was fine .
We put the large foam squares that fit together like a puzzle onto the patio first and the put the paddling pool on top of them and its always been fine. You can buy these in a few places, tescos, homebase, argos etc they are around £10 a pack.
Stick some old mattresses underneath, that should do the trick.
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