Can i put a wanted thread for Blu ray boxes with printed covers?

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Found 18th Apr 2009
i bought some Disc only blu rays off ebay as they were cheap...they are originals just without cases etc..

im wanting some boxes with printed covers for them...can i ask for them in fs/ft?


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aye just my printer isnt very good

i dunno there was a thread earlier, sumone said that the covers were copyrighted materials too? so i doubt it

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really...seems strange if u have the original dvd or blu ray or whatever, surely its not illegal to print out a cover

couldnt say? if you have the orignal then your are allowed backups so i suppose you might be allowed, couldnt say for sure tho'

The way things go on here, who knows.

You can sell a modified Xbox 360 or PSP, but not a DS with flashcart etc.

I don't see any reason why you couldn't ask for them. Worse thing that will happen is you'll get a telling off from a Mod. :thumbsup:


(4) It should go without saying, NO prohibited, classified or illegal items. [COLOR="DarkRed"]This includes fake/counterfeit goods, copied media[/COLOR], ANY console cards 'TTDS', 'DSTT' or 'Pandora' batteries etc., cable TV boxes 'NTL' or 'Virgin Media' etc., money swapping' such as bank transfers of £xx paid in to others PayPal account for £xx amount, group specific discount codes such as 'student card numbers' for example, weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances, gaming accounts such as 'Steam' which are non transferable and any similar trades will be expired and closed.

The Inserts on the blu-ray box covers will have a copyright logo on them, so copies cannot be bought/sold on HUKD in FS/T.

If you're asking for the original empty boxes only (no copies) then I would advise getting Admin clearance beforehand ]. Thanks

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