Can I put ebooks from torrents onto Samsung Galaxy Tab Kindle App?

LocalFound 15th Dec 2012
As per the title
Planning on getting the galaxy tab because cant get iPad mini from ANYWHERE!
How easy us it to download books via torrents directly onto the galaxy tab?
Probably sound thick but I'm really not very technically minded at all!
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if the files are .pdf you can download Adobe Reader from Google Play to view them
What about mobi files??
Should have bought a kindle
I have a kindle but just wanted something a bit fancier.
So it seems it isn't as easy to get 'free' books onto the android kindle app then??
I use iReader for mobi files on my android from the google play store, it's foc and just about as good as the Kindle app (that I also use for other formats)
I use Calibre which is free to convert the files and put straight onto my Kindle - hope that helps!
If you have a real kindle you can use the email adress to send and convert documents to your real kindle and kindle reader app.
There Is also the 'send to kindle' app for Mac and win to put documents in many formats in your online kindle archive.
They can then be accessed from the kindle reader app on your android.

Amazon will convert many formats for you, though sometimes you may need to convert some formats to .mobi using the calibre program first.

I use these methods to get many docs onto my real kindle and also my android XOOM.
i use coolreader on my tablet, between that and the kindle app they seem to manage all formats
It definitely used to be the case that you could just drop your books into the kindle folder on the device internal memory.

However I do recall that I updated the kindle app once and it deleted them all. This enraged me so I moved onto coolreader as mentioned above, which works just as well, takes less time to load and has a load more options. One downside is that you can't read your official kindle books on it, of course.
use FP reader, free to download from play, just drop the books into the book file on your tablet and it will read them
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