can i put this pc into a new case…htm and how easy wud it be to do


    Really Easy.
    thats all there is too it. as long as you are OK with handling Components.
    building a PC is easy, there are plenty of guides online aswell

    Why would you want to change case? looks good to me!

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    i fancy haveing lights on my case so id like lights in it cut i put lights in that case or wud it be eaiser to be new one

    Case looks fine to me as well. It only sits under the desk making a fan noise lol

    The only problem you may run into is the facia to the optical drive. If this one has been replaced with a custom black one to suit then you may have to put up with this black one that may not suit or remove it altogether. You could be lucky and it could be a false front with a standard drive and facia behind but it's hard to tell.


    I've got that case on my 3 and a half year old medion except mine has the … I've got that case on my 3 and a half year old medion except mine has the screen built in the top. Anyways it's a nice case but I'd never by a medion again, nothing but trouble and the warranty is pretty much worthless, they pretty much ignored me and took two months twice and one month the 3rd time when fixing stuff. Had a wireless card fail twice, two failed graphics card (within the space of a month).

    Good advice for us all, I think. Rep to you for your honesty and I'll make sure I stay clear.

    If your spending £500+ on this plus a new case you'd be better off building a purpose built one as the aldi one doesn't excel in and field.
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