Can I replace Sky fibre router with a third party one?

Found 22nd Jun 2014
Hi all,

I'm on the Sky Fibre package and have been provided a black all-in-one router which does not require an open reach modem.

Am I able to replace the entire router with another one which needs to have a built in fibre modem?

I'm asking ask the sky router has no USB ports and so does not meet my requirements.

Thanks in advance

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I work for Sky and you will not receive a warning letter, it's fine to do as long as you accept that we can not give tech support on a third party router.
hope this helps and try not to pay attention to urban myths
hi evmundo, could you possibly expand a little on your answer? last time i tried this, i was denied access to the settings information required, particularly the configuration for the modem. Do sky make those freely available, and if so where could i find them?
Your best bet is to use the Sky Fibre router as a modem (disable the WiFi), connect using an Ethernet cable to a better wireless router which has features you desire.

My setup: Black Sky Fibre Router > CAT6 Ethernet cable> Asus NT56U Wireless Router > Wireless and Ethernet connections to all my devices.

This step method enables you to receive tech support from Sky as there modem is still the first device on the network chain. When phoning up disconnect the wireless router and connect a computer/laptop to the Sky fibre modem using an Ethernet cable to do any connection diagnostics.

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chris, does your wireless inernet use the sky modem or the asus or does the asus only work with a wired connection?

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