Can i rma a Toshiba hard drive in the UK ?

Found 25th Oct 2009
Hi, folks

I do pc support for my self & i brought a laptop off one of my clients who is closing down there company.

But it is a dell 1525 but it as a toshiba sata 80gb hard drive in it what is faulty, as it ping pongs & makes a whirring noise.

It is still In-Warranty on the USA web site, but Toshiba do not cover there drives in the uk ( as i believe ) & yes the dell laptop is out of date to return to dell.

So should i bin it or selll it on flea bay ?

or what else can i do ??? mMMmmm

Serial No - 189UTBEAT Part No - HDD2D93DUL01.
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an 80gig 2.5 harddrive is worth pennies, a broken one is worth cock all
i know mate, but it all helps.... as it should be free but toshiba are pains for rma's in the uk i hear !!!.

but if i can get a 80gb one for pennies i will buy £1500 worth now.


a brand new and twice as big hdd for less than £30 e.g.…556 makes the operation pointless imo.

nobody is going to pay even a postage fee for a broken,small & used hdd

I think, you would have to send the hdd to the US, better bin it
I really struggled to understand the opening post
Bounce it off the road to see how high it bounces (serious) thats what I did, AFAIK Toshiba HDDs are an oem product here in the uk and when the laptop warranty expires so does the HDD warranty.
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