can i sell a bottle of vodka on here?

    I have a bottle of smirnoff vodka 70cl bottle and wondered if i could sell it on here £6 wanted.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Selling due to giving up the hard stuff!


    lol cant u give it as a christmas present - imagine the postage on it!!!!

    is it too hard to read the rules?

    (4) It should go without saying, NO prohibited, classified or illegal items. This includes fake/counterfeit goods, copied media, ANY console cards 'TTDS', 'DSTT' or 'Pandora' batteries etc., cable TV boxes 'NTL' or 'Virgin Media' etc., any promotional material unless bundled with original item, money swapping' such as bank transfers of £xx paid in to others PayPal account for £xx amount, Google Adwords, group specific discount codes such as 'student card numbers' for example, weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances, age restricted products (eg. pharmaceuticals), sexually explicit items, gaming accounts such as 'Steam' which are non transferable and any similar trades will be expired and closed. NO voucher sales such as Amazon or High Street store or mobile top ups, only like for like trades.


    Thanks bazzaric.

    OP, review the fs/ft rules please. The answer is NO.

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