Can i sell a promo copy PSP game on this site?

Is it against the rules to try and sell a promo copy of a PSP game on here?

Can someone clarify?


as far as i know it can be traded...but not sold as dcx said it doesnt have an rrp


Prohibited Trades. The following items must not be listed.

*Weapons*Medicines / Age Restricted Products*Copied Media*Console Cards / … *Weapons*Medicines / Age Restricted Products*Copied Media*Console Cards / Pandora type batteries/PS3 Jailbreak Devices*Alcohol*Tobacco / accessories*Illegal Substances*Sexually Explicit Items*Non Transferable Items including Gaming/Adword Accounts* Items without an rrp, e.g. games marked as promo only or split bundles where no price comparison is valid.*Cable TV Boxes*Rail Tickets*Football Tickets*Vouchers with minimum spend, next to no resale value or available in electronic format only.*Currency / money exchange

'Items without an rrp, e.g. games marked as promo only' - if the game is marked as a promotional copy then unfortunately it cannot be listed in either trade forum - for sale or for trade as it is a prohibited item. Hope that helps clarify further.

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