Can i sell my pandora battery on here?

Found 20th Sep 2008
as above, as i am unsure on the rules on this type of thing , i bought it of a member a few weeks back although now no longer need it , thanks.
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Also how much do you think it would sell for ?
i bought it of a member

does that not sort of answer your own question
yep you can ,how much did you pay?
Just the battery? probably a tenner max depending on if its a genuine one or a cheapo or homemade as they are cheap enough from Dealextreme

I am probably miles out so ignore me.
Unless it's plastic case stuffed with cocaine I think your safe.
$9 on dealextreme i tink
good man
It is a fair question, as admin has muddied the waters by removing a thread where people were lending it to each other.
Thanks, think i will put it on in the morning so more people see it
No it can't be sold here sorry.

No it can't be sold here sorry.

why is that then? they are comnpletly legit to be sold in any shop, even datel (the company that makes gameshark etc cheat devices have a re-named pandora battery)


also the battery does not have any copyright files, its the memory card that contains chose, making the magic memory card illegal to sell
I think admin has been bamboozled by some fast talking execs, and as he doesn't make money from it, it's easier to ban the sale/lending of them than investigate further.

We would have to remove it as we have received a copyright infringement notice for these and would have no way of identifying the illegal versions
We truly live in a strange society.
That's interesting to hear rayman (Sat night *high five* by the way).

Perhaps a list of unsuitable items is in order? I presume DS cards will also be removed by their more extreme nature?
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