Can I sell my Viagogo tickets outside of their sales site?

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Found 31st Oct 2016
Can I safely sell my tickets I've purchased through other means like Gumtree or privately? It says I will receive tickets up to a week before the gig, or they'll be available to download. Surely I can save the PDF and forward it for buyer to print and use? Anyone done this? THANKS :-)

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I have had a couple of occasions where Viagogo have let me down at the last minute and not been able to provide the tickets and just refunded me. But 95% of the time they will usually be able to provide the ticket so there shouldnt be an issue in selling on gumtree.

If your ticket is an E ticket (This should have been made clear to you when you bought it) then it can put people off buying on the secondary market as these could easily be photocopied and sold numerous times. Im always hesitant about buying them from Gumtree or a site without a guarantee unless I'm meeting someone at an event and entering at the same time.

Even if it isnt a PDF ticket - its a slight risk as if the ticket arrives last minute and the prospective buyer on Gumtree then finds another one cheaper they could always leave you high and dry with the ticket - its unlikely someone will pay a complete stranger money or a deposit before they have a ticket.

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the one and only time i ever used gumtree, this happened to me - someone sold multiple copies of the print at home tickets! took the police 2 years to build a case and nab him and the punishment wasn't too severe

you can sell them on, but you're not guaranteed to receive them. i once sold tickets for one date through getmein and re-bought through them for another date. i was given all kinds of warnings for not completing the transactions (e.g. i would get charged whatever it costs to get replacement tickets should i not deliver), however all i got from them when they didn't deliver the tickets for the other date was sorry, the seller didn't provide the tickets, tough luck, here's your original payment back. no attempt to source and provide replacements even though they were selling them!!
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