can i sell this phone?

    I have a V630i which i customized myself so it now has setting of the walkman phone w660i.

    I have unbranded the phone and also unlocked it. I was wondering if i could sell it on here? Pics and video uploaded

    the phone is v630i but firmware is of the w660i walkman phone


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    i didn't want to get ban as i have changed the firmware inside the mobile you see.

    video(not all that good sorry):
    ]View My Video


    everyone changes the firmware in their sony ericsson phone. who wants a network branded phone, they almost never have the lovely flash themes. Its not illegal as you are not changing the didnt change the imei did you? lol

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    no lol i thought i had done but luckily i never.

    what is the firmware and how do you change it?

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    its kinda complicated, lol took me over 4 days sort everything out (i had to search over many guides and bothered lots of people but the end result was worth it lol)

    Not all mobiles can do that, some can be changed to other firmware but others may not.
    Please don't try it unless you have another spare phone, as you may be very very very disappointed if your phones busts up. As soon as you start think its bust up so you wont be disappointed if it really happens.

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