Can I share a picture of Poppy......Its been a long time since I was last on here!!

    As I just posted on Macdoonas thread it been nearly 16 weeks since my baby girl Poppy was born.

    I shared a photo of her in the early days but wanted to share one of her more recently.

    So here's my baby girl.

    Ok I don't think I can post one on the OP so will post one in next reply.


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    So here's my baby girl.

    and here

    cute :-)

    gorgeous, looks better than my pic

    She's cute.

    wow, what a little cutie.


    another sweetie pie x

    What a little cutey!!

    I think she is absolutely adorable, you are so blessed:)

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    Thanks guys (and girls).

    aww what a lovely smile!

    I would be proud of her too.... she is sweet


    She's beautiful Congrats Becky!!

    Awww. So cute!

    Very cute, I'm sure PC Nutta will love these as she's feeling sooo broody at the moment!
    She's very photogenic isn't she?

    She's beautiful, you must be so proud

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    She is the apple of my eye along with my 2 handsome boys too. Thanks everyone.

    shes gorgeous...congrats!

    Another gorgeous baby, sure being spoilt tonight.

    Nice to see you posting again Becky and hope we are going to see more of young Poppy ! I love that name also !

    Take care and best wishes

    Damn, can a bloke get broody too?? Cos I sure just have, thinking of mine now as babies after seeing this makes me want any volunteers as I doubt my other half is willing!!!

    She's a beauty for sure,becky........adorable!:)

    Had to come back again and look at little Poppy this morning, she made me smile

    shes so cute you must be so proud

    She's sooooooo cute..........and a lovely name too :-D

    Gorgeous! x

    oh goodness!, shes gorgeous...i want one!!

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    Thanks everyone.

    she is so fragile

    Oh wow how cute is she, i could just squeeze her and eat her all up!!!

    You've made me really broody. Poppy is absolutely gorgeous!

    shes lovley.
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