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can i subscribe to virgin media through partners name to get new customer offer?

Posted 31st Jul 2013
Just wondering if anyone knows how easy this might be?

my contract is up end of august and I am paying around £65 a month atm, but I now want the sports again as football season is about to begin.

They currently have a summer sale where you get half price for 12 months, so the package with sports and movies etc will be £65 a month for a year.
Could I cancel mine and then get my other half to subscribe the same day, or is there a waiting period or anything like that?

Any info will be appreciated, thanks
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I suppose it should work, your partner i assume will have a different name so he would be a new customer. If you cancel and it doesn't work you can always sign up again.
you can get sky football, movies, TV, internet and phone for about forty four a month on a twelve month deal on here (search two tb) and remove the box to standard box its free installation too.

nun pad broken =(

do you have a link, i cant seem to find anything mate
Apologies if im stating the obvious but have you called them and asked for 'loyal customer' offers?

I was paying £68, for L, tv, telephone and BB (20mb) + Asian package + line rental.

Called last week, all they could offer me was update the BB to 30mb + new super hub for £60.90 + £20 installation (why they want £20 to plug one cable in is beyond me). I didn't like the sound of this offer, so said would think about it. .... another week passed purely because i was busy and didnt have time to call back.

Called them again on friday - i said same as before, 'what offers have you got running for existing customers?' + added in "sky keep pestering me to come back as a previous customer" < not entirely true hehehe.
The nice chap on the other end had a look at my account of 5yrs - and came back with

L TV + L telephone + 30mb (+new super hub) = £58 (approx) x 12mths ... £10 saved was a good start for me.

then i said, can i pay line rental up front normally 14.99 x 12 = £179.88, but up front is £120 saving nearly £59.

so by the end the total inc line rental, came to £43.30 - result i would say

Bottom line is call them few times might be less hassle than signing up and cancelling.

I had to give notice on my virgin deal as the retention team could'nt better the £11pm discount i currently had, did that on a saturday got a call on the monday they beat the deal i had found using sky/bt & a couple of offer codes, i now pay £66pm for xl tv, sport movies, & HD, tivo box, v+ box in the bedroom, phone & BB
well I have called the retention team, and had an absolute **** of a woman on the other end of the phone, I tried to explain I wanted a similar deal to the one on their website, which is basically everything, fastest broadband etc. For £49.50 a month for 12 months, then £99 a month after that, plus £14.99 line rental.

So £65 a month for a year, which is £1 cheaper than I pay, and I currently have 60Mb broadband and no sports or movies, she sat and argues that I already had a better deal than new customers and I am stupid to ask for another deal. I had to ask her to actually get out a pen and paper and write it all down, and actually look at the maths, and she still maintained I was an idiot.

So 30 days notice is in, currently looking for a deal on sky or bt, if anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated lol
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