Can I take my 6 yo to the cinema to watch a 15 rated movie?

    My daughter wants to watch the new Ouija movie. She is 6 yo but loves watching horror movies. She's seen them all such as exorcist, conjuring, a nightmare on elm street etc, Annabelle, insidious etc. She loves movies about ghosts and the paranormal. I was the same when i was younger. I wanted to take her to see trolls at the cinema today but she's having none of it. She wants to watch Ouija. What's the chances of getting my daughter in to see the movie along with myself, my wife and my son who is 12? I know people will have strong views on this but it really doesn't bother me. The reason I am
    Asking is because I know children are allowed to play older rated video games. This is not illegal. PEGI rated video games such as 15 or 18 can legally be played by children under this age. It's also legal for adults to buy these video games for the purpose of giving these to their children. It's only illegal for a shop to sell the game to someone of a younger age. So basically the tall and short of it is, an I able to buy 4 adult tickets and take my children to watch the movie? Cheers.

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    Definitely not - no-one under the age of 15 is allowed to watch a 15 film
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    It might be best ringing the cinema and double checking.

    In short no. Unless she looks 15 you'd be asked for ID and refused entry.

    Not a chance. Just buying an adult ticket does not mean your child is then classed as an adult.
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    But they don't always stand at the screen for the movie. I understand I'd be refused at the counter but I'd just buy the tickets on my own. Thanks.

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    What's the worst case scenario? Would they just reimburse you for the tickets?


    What's the worst case scenario? Would they just reimburse you for the … What's the worst case scenario? Would they just reimburse you for the tickets?

    Why would they reimburse you because you decided that the law shouldn't be applied to your daughter?

    I think even if you did get her in the screen someone else in the screen would go and inform staff anyway

    Locking this up now as answer provided.

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