Can I take the American company 'Kingsisle' to court?

    My brother bought some crowns on Wizard101; a game from Kingsisle, using his card on multiple occasions. The money has been taken out of MY account, even though my card is not a payment method for the account (My brother's is the only one). I bought crowns on the game for his birthday (which is in September) once in October, and removed my card afterwards. Can I take Kingsisle (an American company) to court for the money if they refuse to civilly refund the money? Any other advice? *I live in the UK*


    what kind of card is it?

    Costs will be prohibitive, so wouldnt advise trying, you will probably find that their terms and conditions will state that they are governed by US law so any action may have to be heard within their legal system. If it was a non authorised charge on your card why not just contact your card company and request a chargeback?

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    It's a VISA Debit card and it was an unauthorised charge to my card... I'll contact Nationwide and request a chargeback, but I'll have to prove it wasn't me that did it...

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    I can prove about 2 of the days, but one of them was on a Sunday and I was ill in bed...

    Whats probably happened is the card details weren't removed and they just took payment from your card because it was there. Taking them to court i doubt isn't going tondo anything

    Have you contacted Wizard101 and asked them? They could always offer to refund or cross charge on the right acc?

    I have a feeling (and I could be wrong) that you can only perform a charge back on a credit card, not a debt card. But NW will give you the best advice on that.

    You can't take a US company to the UK small clams court. You would have to engage a US legal firm to take action against them. Unless we're talking thousands of pounds the cost would be far more than the amount taken.

    (can't your brother just give the amount taken?)

    You can use charge back on a debit card. Just call your provider and report a non authorised charge.

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    Thanks guys!

    Are you 100% sure it is not down to user error? Have you checked their terms and conditions to ensure you are not in the wrong?

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    I can guarantee

    If you have bought an item and the items have only been paid for once, then just get your brother to refund you. Neither of you will be out of pocket and no need to spend time on money on a ridiculous legal venture.

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    It's charged his account as well

    I'd log into the account to check whose payment details are still held by their system.
    I'd then contact them directly to seek a resolution.
    Legal action would be prohibitively difficult and expensive, however you may have some joy by filing an unauthorised transaction claim against them if they don't co-operate.

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    I have logged into the account and my brother's card is the only one...
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