Can I trade my Playstation 3 console into cex without the scart cable and without a controller?

Posted 12th Jan 2016
I wish to trade my Playstation 3 into cex but the scart cable is broken and they have previously rejected my controller
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you can but they'll knock off the price of a controller and cable from how much they offer you
try selling on gumtree..
can you not buy a cheap hdmi cable? y not sell it on Facebook or gumtree?
You can but you'll get pennies by selling to cex
You can but you'll get pennies by selling to cex
I sold my iPhone without a charger and they had a set price of minus £10 for iPhone with no charger. Guess it will be same policy for all things.
Get a HDMI cable from poundland and they'll take the console without the controller.
I sold a Playstation to them the other day, but I stupidly forgot to take the cable. They said it had to have cable & at least 1 controller otherwise they'd knock off an extortionate amount for not having them.
Agree with Steve. Sold PS3 last month to them. Had no hdmi so they said they would take the rice of one of there's of. That was £2.50 or £3 so I just said hang on, went next door to pound land for a he I and saved myself a few bob.
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